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Residential Solar Solutions for Your Home

Solar Solutions for Your Home

Reduced Bills, Increased Home Value, Clean Energy Independence

Better Solar Pricing, Full Solar Services

SOLAR PRICING HAS NEVER BEEN LOWER! - If you've been thinking about solar, there has never been a better time to do it. Solar energy prices have fallen, and utility rates have continued to rise, making solar very attractive for many homeowners. Ready to start saving money with renewable energy?

Designed for Your Home and Budget

Every home is different. Re-Volt Electric can create a customized solar solution that meets your specific needs and budget. We take everything into account, from your energy usage and the orientation of your home to the safety of your existing electrical panel and the condition of your roof. Re-Volt Electric has relationships with various vendors, allowing us to find the perfect fit for your home. Since we are not tied to any one vendor, we can offer you unbiased advice and find the best system for your needs.

Trusted Solar from a Local Company

We're a local company with a trusted reputation. We take pride in delivering top-quality service and craftsmanship. We answer our phones, and you will always know who you are dealing with. When you call Re-Volt Electric, you can be confident that you are working with a company that provides the best possible service. We'll answer all of your questions and help you determine if solar is right for you.


Generac Whole House Generators

Backup Power that automatically kicks in when the power goes out.

Be Prepared for a Power Outage

Hazardous fire conditions and aging energy infrastructure have made Northern California prone to power outages. PG&E often preemptively shuts off power to minimize fire danger, an important but inconvenient measure. In Santa Rosa alone, there were 351 power outages in 2019. Sonoma County residents don’t have to suffer in the dark thanks to automated whole house and portable home generators.

Generac whole house generators and automatic systems automatically kick in when the power goes out. Whole house generators run on natural gas and can either be connected to the home’s entire electrical system or just the most essential items like refrigerators, freezers, and Wi-Fi. Portable home backup generators are also available. Your Re-Volt Electric team can help you decide.

No Down Payment, Easy Install

There’s no down payment required for our Generac whole house generator installations. Payment is due upon completion. Re-Volt Electric can also handle all work associated with an automated whole house generator system including site surveys, location options, load counts to determine the appropriate generator size, cost estimates, permitting, plumbing and electrical work, maintenance, and warranty work. Should your Generac system require maintenance or warranty repairs, simply give us a call.

Choose a Certified Electrician

As a certified Generac dealer, Re-Volt Electric has undergone factory training and is authorized to perform any warranty or maintenance work the whole house generator needs. When we install a Generac whole house generator in your home, you have a long-term service provider to keep it running. Most electrical contractors lack Generac certification, which makes it challenging when something goes wrong.


Electric Vehicle Chargers

Installed charging stations for electric vehicles offer convenience and peace of mind. Whether you’ve just purchased a new electric vehicle or are looking for a better and more efficient EV charging solution, Re-Volt Electric can help.

Dedicated Circuits

Dedicated circuits power a dedicated appliance such as a refrigerator, furnace, or hot tub. If your existing electrical system is constantly blowing fuses, tripping breakers, or overheating, you may need a dedicated circuit. This also works for pools, spas, central vacuums, garage door openers or other power-hungry items in your home.

Main Service Upgrades

Many older homes lack sufficient power for today’s modern lifestyle powered by air conditioners, HD TVs, home automation, and other electronic devices. Signs you may need an upgrade include flickering lights, tripping breakers, and overloaded outlets. Not only is a lack of power undesirable, it’s a fire hazard. Ask Re-Volt Electric to get you upgraded.